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Merged Thesis File

When do you need Merged Thesis File from us ?

Merged Thesis File are provided after the manuscript is been finalized and no further changes are expected. Once Merged Thesis File is prepared no further change in manuscript possible.

What do we need to make a Merged Thesis File ?

We require all the corrected segments from introduction to conclusion finalized by the clients.

Merged Thesis File contain following the segments


Aims objectives

Material and methods





List of contents




Common issues faced in Merged Thesis File

Master chart

Master chart is not included in Merged Thesis File

The master chart is not merged in the word file as it is an excel file . It is separately printed and attached with thesis at the time of printing.

Spacing problem (all words together with no space in between) in merge file?

Clint may find some/ all words joined together with no space in between words.

It is due to the variation of using the MS office software version.

In that case, we provide the PDF file of segments or merge file.

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