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How to write the Introduction of a Thesis /Article

Introduction of a thesis article
Introduction of a thesis article
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The introduction of a Thesis /Article should contain a concise explanation of the research problem undertaken for study, the importance and frequency of the disease/problem, how it affects morbidity/mortality rates and other health effects among the general population.

It should also include the epidemiological importance of the disease/problem.

The Introduction should answer the questions:

What am I studying?

Moreover, Why is it an important question?

Also, what do I know about it before I do this study?

Finally, how will this study help us advance the knowledge?

Organize the information so as to present more general aspects of the title early in the introduction, then the narrow toward more specific current information that provides the context, finally arriving at the statement of rationale and purpose.

Introduction of a Thesis /Article can be divided into segments as follows:

1.  Current Knowledge about the topic

This part includes the current scenario of your thesis topic to be written in present tense.

For example the current knowledge on malaria could be written as:

2.      Gap in knowledge related to the topic

The knowledge gap is that which needs to be filled by new research either because we know little or nothing.

In also includes the conflicting thoughts or the controversies in the previous research or studies performed in the past.

For Example :

3.  Necessity or need for the study

You should justify the reason for choosing the topic . Later can be done providing information pertaining to the prevalence of the disease/problem based on published records . Moreover, you should draw conclusions for proper management of diagnosis of disease. Finally, the section should also discuss the proposed outcome of the study.

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1.      Hypothesis

Be sure to state clearly the purpose and/or hypothesis that one will investigate.Moreover, it is most customary to place the purpose of statement or hypothesis near the end of introduction, often as topic sentence of the final paragraph.

For Example:

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