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How to find a right research question for your thesis topic?

The fact often ignored while selecting a thesis topic is the research question underlying it. Probably the main reason why it is neglected happens to be the fact that it is vague and not adequately explained.

So the million dollar question is, “what is the  research question and from  where should you get it ?”

It is a clear, concise, explicit and arguable question around which is based on your thesis. It will help you focus your argument precisely on one issue and keep it on the right track. And finally, when you will be writing a paper for publication, the same question will make the main argument.

The next important question is as to how should one find the right research question.

The first step is to find the issue/topic which is of your interest. The research work is arduous and tedious. It is practically impossible to give your best if you do not like the issue in the first hand.

The second step is the explore more about that topic, about what others have done on this issue, to date. Google, Google, and Pubmed are the best places to search.

Step three is to start listing question that you feel are important and need an answer.

Finally step four is to refine your question. Avoid question which has yes or no or straightforward answer. Why question is often complicated and arguable are preferred, but we should see if it is feasible for us to research that question in our setting and resources. A better question is those who have many answers. Also, these question will require you to explain or defend your answers.

Let us know the issue you are facing in finding your thesis topic. We can ensure you that you are not the only one facing it.

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