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focus on reseach

Stop wasting time on learning back office clerical work and actually concentrate on the science and research.

hassel free submission

Avoid the last minute rush to complete the work to submit. We ensure it is not only completed in time but also reviewed before submission.

original work

we ensure that the written work is not only plagiarism free but also original, which is done by the client.

timely completion

We value what is at stake if the deadlines are missed.Timely completion is our first priority.

Choose the perfect plan

Select a plan that suits your requirements in terms of the time frame you have for submission.We advise our clients to save last 2-3 weeks for miscellaneous issues like printing and binding as the same has to be locally done at the clients end.

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Frequently asked questions

We help the client at each and every road block the client meets in the process of writing a thesis. we assist at all levels from planing the study design , format of the text of the written work and correction of the reviewers objections.

We do not guarantee the acceptance of the thesis  or acceptance of the publication by any journal. We provide professional support regarding research methodology and statistics and help in timely completion of the project.

We do not maintain any collection of written thesis nor we share the written manuscript of any client with anyone else. We simply provide the back office support to facilitate the writing work.

We do not provide any ghost writers for thesis or publications. We help the writers with back office support so as that later can concentrate on actual research and content of the topic.

Yes, we can help you address the objections raised by the concerned authorities as the reasons for the rejections. 

Yes, we can help you in suggesting changes in the article to facilitate its acceptance.We can not help beyond that. We can not guarantee its acceptance anyways.

No, we do not provide any such service.

Yes, we help in planing and design of study not the actual research topic.

NO, we can analyse the data to draw the inference, but we can not provide the data. if the data is incomplete, we can help in its appropriate analysis.

We can provide the services urgently if the deadline is very close but the details  have to discussed in details before the order is accepted.

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