Instructions : Reply to a mail

Format of the mail

All mails to be replied, in the same session it is received.

Morning session: 10 am to 2 pm

Afternoon session session: 10 am to 2 pm

Mail to written by the concerned writer , should have following points and forwarded to office mail.

  1. Topic /Segment
  2. Writing/ Corrections Done By ………( WRITERS NAME)
  3. Checked for correct file before sending Yes /no
  4. Checked On Grammarly Yes/No
  5. Checked On Plag Scan Yes/No
  6. List Of Client Changes Demanded And Their Respective Reply From Writers

Mail received from concerned writer at office mail ( ) is to be checked (in-charge office mail ) if all these points are  documented or not.

  • Mail forwarded to medical.thesis if it has all the points complete.
  • If any point is not completed, (in-charge office mail ) will request the concerned writer to complete it before forwarding it to medical.thesis@gmail ( company mail).