Instructions: Data completion

Step one : Outline of master chart

Master chart is the excel sheet in which the data  collected from the patients is collected.

Important issues.

  1. Must have all the variables
  2. Correct unit in which data is recorded.
  1. Consult the statistical plan
  2. all the study variables need to be there in master chart

Certain study variables have multiple subheading  under them, 

Details of the points in the subheading can be found in clients material and method and Appendices.  example are given  given below.

  1. demographic details
  2. clinical features
  4. CT SCAN
  5. MRI

Step two : Approval of outline

Outline of the master chart is sent to client for

1.  Approval of master chart 

2. discuss with the guide and let us know if any changes are required in the master chart outline.

3.Does the client want to add or delete any column to the master chart

4.  Provide us data in the format given in  master-chart

Step three: completion of incomplete data

1. Columns  completed by client / clients data

kept as it is : color the column in  in black

2.  Columns  incompletely filled  by client / clients data

Need to be completed as per the data provided by client : color the column in  in black

3. Columns  NOT  filled  by client / clients data

Need to be completed as per the data available in reference/ mother articles:  color the column in  in blue

4. Columns  NOT  filled  by client / clients data

NO data available in reference or mother articles : color the column in  in Red : keep the columns empty

Step four : Approval of master-chart data

1. inform the client the red columns have no reference/mother articles to complete data.

2. Ask the client to complete the data, if he can.

3. If client say , that he can not fill them, Ask client for directions , how should we fill them.

4. ask for the average values those should be in the column.

5. complete the red columns after receiving clients inputs.f

Step five: master chart complete

  1. Sent a copy to client to inform that  this is the master-chart he/she as approved for observations.
  2. Send the same copy to the team making observations.