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What exactly do we do?

Thesis writing

From protocol to entire topic, we provide services customized to clients needs.

Article and scientific publications writing.

Planning a study, research methodology, data analysis , article writing , submission and follow-up until publication, we provide single stop solution.

Regulatory writings

Formulation of clinical study protocol before the trial has started to product benefit risk evaluation report after the completion of the trial, we offer complete set of services at one stop.

Medical communications

Beside thesis and article for publications , we also provide poster writing services for conferences , and content writing for medical websites.

Who we are ?

we are a group of science enthusiast coming from variety of  streams like  statistics, data analytics, biology, medicine , management and more. we are joined by a common goal of providing the best support to clients to conceptualize a research project , collect and analyse the data and publish it.

Total Projects
Active Projects

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  • Medithesis ,Balaji Complex, Kursi Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.226022
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