We provide the following office support to the client does any thesis or research work. We do not do the research or the data collection. We help the client to formulate protocol, analyse the provided data and assist in documentation and writing the manuscript.

We write a thesis in stages or parts.
After we receive the protocol of the thesis, we provide the first two written segments ( Introduction and review of the literature).
Then we provide the client with master chart in which the client provides us with the data.
The data is analyzed and reported as observation and results.
After that, we proceed to the discussion if the observations do not need to be altered.

The new topic needs to be freshly written so having a similar thesis not very helpful. An older thesis can help in the formatting of the manuscript as per the current design of the institution.

Incomplete data is a common problem. There is no way we can complete an incomplete data. But we help clients to sort it by optimally using whatever data they have, to have the thesis finished.

Yes, we can carry forward from whatever you have done, and do the remaining segments.

Yes, we can do it, but we need to discuss details with the client before we take the contract.

Scientific writing is very personal work. Whatever writer find perfect, may not be appreciated in the same way by every reader. Everyone has their views and reservations regarding a clinical issue.
If you find something is missing or overemphasized, you can ask us to add or remove it.
if you want us to rewrite a segment, factoring in th input you want to give, we can do it.

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